Young People's Groups

Workshop 1: Understanding Feelings and Managing Behaviour

This 5 week course (1 hour per week) workshop is designed for young people to assist them to better understand and manage their feelings.
It is aimed at developing self-awareness of behaviour and understanding alternative ways of managing their feelings.
In a fun and relaxed manner, the workshop includes:

  • Understanding our feelings
  • Looking at how these feelings come out in our behaviour
  • Understanding family relationships and how these effect us
  • Looking at the things that have happened to us in our life and how these affect us
  • Taking charge of feelings and not letting them take charge of you.
  • Linking with the parents where possible at the end of the group so they can better understand their children.

At the completion of the course participants should have developed insight into what drives their behaviour and with this self-awareness are better able to manage their feelings.
In the group young people will do:

  • Fun drawings
  • Look at examples of other people in the same situation
  • Watch specific DVDs and analyse situations

Participant’s Comments

‘I found out I wasn’t the only one who felt like that.’
‘Everything and having two awesome new teachers!’
‘Learning that people’s lives aren’t easy.’
‘To be happy and learn how to control my anger.’
‘Learning new things about emotional behaviour.’
‘I do not know but I love it.’
‘Learning that everyone’s life isn’t perfect.’
‘It was fun and you get to learn new behaviour and to talk about your emotions.’
‘They will love it and never want to finish it.’
‘It’s just worth it and awesome.’